Steamy Red Haired Getting Slapped Part3

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Steamy Red Haired Getting Slapped Part3 00:05:00 7 months ago ExtremeTube
Emasculatrix Vaness Vixon Toys With Another Perverted Loser, Vanessa Vixon Is A Professional Emasculatrix And She Has Been Hired To Remove Lance Hart's Balls Because He Is A Chronic Masturbating Pervert. She Shows Up To His Apartment And Walks In On Him Jerking Off. This Ball Busting Hotty Loves Exploiting Men For Their Perversions, And She Loves Being The Last Woman To Ever Turn Them On Before She Removes Their Manhood. Vanessa Orders Him To Keep Stroking His Cock, No Matter What She Does, Then Kicks Him Hard In The Nuts, Dropping Him To The Ground. She Giggles, Grabs His Balls, Squeezes Hard And Tells Him To Keep Stroking. She Smothers His Face With Her Ass, Slaps And Squeezes His Balls, Drives Her Heel Into Them, And Does Not Let Him Stop Stroking, Until She Leaves Him On The Ground, Still Stroking His Cock In Agony. You Are Not Allowed To Cum, But You Have To Keep Yourself On Edge Until I Return! . Vanessa Returns To Lance, Now Wearing A Tight High Cut Leotard, Shiny Pantyhose And Heels. Lance Is Still Jerking Off Naked On The Floor. He Has Kept Himself On Edge, Like She Told Him, Because He Will Do Anything To Keep His Balls Just A Little Longer. But Vanessa Has A Job To Do. She Is There To Destroy His Balls In The Most Drawn Out And Painful Way Possible. She Loves It. Vanessa Teases Him, Giving Him Specific Instructions On How To Jerk His Cock While She Slaps And Squeezes His Balls, Sits On His Face, Teases Him With Her Body. She Slaps His Cock Hard, Talks Sweetly About The Different Ways She Might Destroy His Balls When The Time Comes, Then Leaves Him Again, Ordered To Stay On Edge With Extremely Full Balls. Vanessa Returns To Lance To Finish Her Job. She Has Been Keeping Him On Edge For A Long Time, Knowing That As Soon As She Finally Lets Him Cum, She Will Be Taking His Balls, And Taking Her Time With That As Well. She Told Lance To Keep Stroking His Cock While He Waited For Her. She Struts Up To Him In Her Shiny Leotard, Black Pantyhose, And High Heels. Vanessa Slaps And Squeezes His Balls While He Jerks Off To Her, Then Sits On His Face And Grabs His Throbbing Hard Cock With Both Hands, Talking About The Different Ways She Is Thinking About Taking His Balls After She Lets Him Release. She Gives Him A Mean Handjob, Makes Him Fuck Her Pantyhose Covered Legs, Giggling At How Abrasive It Must Be On His Raw Hard Cock, And When He's Is About To Cum, She Spreads Her Legs Wide And Teases Him. Finally She Tells Him To Cum And Milks Him Until He Explodes All Over Her Pantyhose. She Smiles And Starts To Drive Her High Heel Into One Of His Balls. Time For Castration! 00:07:51 8 months ago UPornia
Catherine Foxx Castrates And Whores Out Her Ex Lance Hart. Catherine Foxx Is Hanging Out With Her Boyfriend Lance Hart. She Lets Him Know That She Is Unsatisfied With Their Sex Life And She's Going Out To Find A Bigger Dick. He Starts To Complain And That's When She Tells Him That She's Going To Castrate Him, Possibly By Simply Pulverizing His Balls With Kicks And Stomps And Keep Him As Her Sissy To Be Fucked And Whored Out To Other Guys. She's Wearing Sexy Pink Leggings, White Socks, And Sneakers, His Favorite, And She Even Takes Her Bra Off, To Let Lance Touch Her Perfect Breasts One Last Time Before He Loses His Nuts, While She's Crushing His Nuts With Her Pretty Hands. She Leaves Him On The Couch In Agony To Get Changed. Catherine Returns To Lance With A Big Purple Strap-on In Her Hand. She Slaps Him In The Face With It And Reminds Him That He Will Be Losing His Balls Tonight. She's Going To Make Him Cum In His Own Mouth While She Fucks Him. Catherine Kicks Him In The Balls A Few Times With Her High Heels And Tramples His Cock. All This Gets Her Horny So She Gets Her Hitachi Out And Makes Him Lick And Worship Her Feet While She Stomps His Balls In. She Brings Herself To Orgasm Twice With The Vibrator. The Harder She Cums, The Harder She Crushes His Balls With Her Foot, Demanding The Whole Time That He Lick Her Fishnet Covered Foot. She Then Bends Him Over The Couch And She Slides Her Big Purple Rubber Dick Into His Ass While She Begs Her Not To. She Talks About How She's Going To Start Selling His Ass To Guys With Huge Cocks And He's Going To Be Sucking Dick And Taking It In The Ass For Her Money. His Balls Are Going To Be In A Jar In Her Room And She Might Even Show Them To Him While He's Getting Railed And Cum All Over His Face. She Moves Him To The Futon To Be Fucked Doggy Style. After She Fucks His Brains Out, She Slaps Him In The Face, Reminding Him How Much Bigger It Is Than His Little Dick. She Teases Him With Her Perfect Tits, Telling Him How He'll Never Touch Them Again. She Crushes His Balls With Her Foot, And Makes Him Say That He Loves To Get Fucked In The Ass. She Isn't Even Going To Jerk Him Off. She Needs Both Of Her Hands To Bust His Balls While He Jerks His Last Load Out. He's Not Worthy To Get A Handjob From His New Mistress. He Begs Her Not To Castrate Him. She Stands Up And Drives Her Pantyhose Covered Foot Into His Balls, Sweetly And Seductively Telling Him To Cum For Her, All Over His Face Before She Take His Balls And Puts Them In A Jar. As He's Cumming All Over His Face And In His Hair And In His Eye, She Giggles And Drives Her Foot Harder Into His Balls. 00:07:52 1 day ago HotMovs
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Olive Lowe's Self Defense Class Turns Into A CBT Date, Sensei Derek Is Training One Of His Students From Home, The Sexy Yet Mean Olivia Lowe. She Told Him She Wants More Self Defense Training, But As It Turns Out, She Really Likes Him. When Olivia Really Likes A Guy, She Shows Him By Kicking Him In The Balls And Teasing Him. We All Know This Femdom CBT Vixen Loves Humiliating Guys. Olivia Takes Every Opportunity To Drop Derek With A Kick Or Knee. Once He's Laid Out On The Floor Completely, She Climbs On Top Of Him Seductively And Affectionately, But Doesn't Stop With The Ball Torment. She Leaves Him On The Floor Like That, Telling Him She'll Be Back In A Few Days. Doesn't Seem Like She Needs Self Defense Course But Olivia Is Back For Another Lesson, And This Time, She Wants To Learn More About Grappling. Derek Begins To Explain To Her That After The Last Lesson, It Took His Balls A Few Days To Heal, So He Asks Her Not To Hurt Him Like That Anymore. Let's See! Olivia Picks Up On The Grappling Techniques Surprisingly Fast, And Has Derek In A Few Compromising Positions. Before He Knows It, He's Powerless Again, Dominated By His Hot Student And She's Slapping, Punching, And Kicking Him In The Nuts And There's Nothing He Can Do About It. After More Crotch Beating, Olivia Straddles His Face With Her Sexy Ass That Looks Amazing In Tight Spandex And Tells Him That She Actually Likes Him And Wants Him To Take Her Out For Dinner. Not Having Much Choice In The Matter, Although She Does Strangely Turn Him On, He Agrees To Take Her On A Date. Derek Is Hurrying To Get Dressed For His Date. He's Nervous. After All The Ballbusting, He Doesn't Know What To Expect, But He Can't Help But Be Excited Because He Finds Her So Attractive. Olivia Shows Up Early And Tells Him Not To Worry About Dinner, She Has Something Else In Mind. She Takes His Pants Off, Gets His Cock Hard Through His Boxers And Then Gets Evil With Ball Slapping, Grabbing, Kneeing, A Little Kicking. The Whole Time She Makes Sure That She's Driving Him Crazy With Her Sexy Body, Particularly Her Amazing Ass. Seems Like A Match Made In Heaven! 00:07:51 9 months ago UPornia
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Nikki Bell Endures Extreme Fucking Machine Rope Bondage, Nikki Bell, One Of Our Favorite Sex Slaves, Has Returned By Request From Her BDSM Master. She Needs More Slut Training. We're Sure Everyone Agrees. So Nikki Bell Is Started On The Sybian Fucking Machine, Tied Down With Tight Rope. Nikki Bell Thought Simple Chains And Cuffs Were Difficult. Rope Bondage Definitely Kicks Things Up. She Struggles And Tries To Get Off The Vibration Chair But She Isn't Going Anywhere. The Two Clothespins On Her Nipples Has Her Screaming Already. She Has No Choice But To Sit And Endure What's Coming Her Way. The Vibration Begins And Her Master's Dick Slides Deep Down Her Throat. That's How He Likes His Blowjobs. He Loves Fucking A Slave's Skull In. The Vibration And Speed Is Turned Up And Down, Tormenting Nikki's Clit. She Is Slapped On Her Face And Tits And Her Masters Wants To Hear Her Say What A Slut She Is And To Beg For His Hung Meat. It Takes A Few Slaps And More Throat Pounding To Get It Out Of Her. He Decides To Elevate This Bondage Scene With The Fucking Machine. But He Wants Full Access To Her Tight Pink Pussy. So He Placed The Fucking Machine On The Wall, The Rubber Dick In And Out Of Nikki's Mouth As He Fucks Her Pussy Rough And Hard. Nikki Can't Focus On Either Dick Plunging Into Her. Technically This Scene Does Contain Double Penetration. Her Master Gets Jealous And Wants His Dick Sucked More. He Pulls Her Head Away From The Machine And Makes Her Gag On His Cock. He Finishes The Scene With More Clothespins, Letting The Machine Have Fun With Her Mouth Some More. Added: January 15, 2015 00:07:52 10 months ago UPornia
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Hot Cougar Dani Dare Gets Fucked Hard In Bondage, We're Excited To Share We've Found Another Hot Kinky Cougar Who Definitely Deserves Disgrace For Being A Slut. Fetish Network Introduces Dani Dare. She's Traveled The World And Has Had Some Great Times But We're Sure Her Experience In Our Dungeon Will Top The Rest. She Seems Like A Natural Submissive And Obedient Sex Slave. She Loves Being Slapped And Spanked, Gagged And Fucked Roughly, Deep And Hard Down Her Throat And Pussy. We Definitely Have Everything Dani Wants. She Is Placed On The Leather Couch, Legs Chained Wide Apart, Hands Down And Out Of The Way. Her New BDSM Master Comes In And Slaps Her Pussy Awake. He Wants Her To Cum A Few Times Before He Penetrates Her. A Vibrator Usually Does The Trick. He Lubes Her Cunt And Spreads The Wand All Over Her Clit And Pussy Lips. After Awhile, He Climbs Up On The Sofa And Stuffs His Hung Cock Deep Down Her Throat, Making Her Give Him A Sloppy Blowjob. She Keeps Gagging Up Spit, Her Pussy Tightening Every Time. He Finally Sticks His Meat Inside Her Cunt And Pounds Away, Fucking Her Deep And Rough, The Sex She Prefers. We Here No Struggle Or Complaint From This Naught Cougar. She Takes His Dick Like A Champ. So She's Flipped Around, Her Arms, Shoulders And Head Over The Back Of The Couch, Her Ass Up And Ready For More Penetration. Dani's Hot Body Spread Out Doggy Style Will Make Everyone Cum In Their Pants. She Can Hardly Move As She Is Slapped Into The Position She's Wanted In And Taken How Her Master Pleases. Added: December 11, 2014 00:07:52 10 months ago UPornia
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AmateurSmothering Video: A Face Full Of Ass, Chelsea And Taylor St Clair Look Absolutely Smashing In Their Black Evening Gowns. They Are Late For A Benefit Dinner - And Tickets Cost A Cool Grand Apiece. Unfortunately, Their Chauffeur Shows Up Two Full Hours After The Show Started! So They Lock The Mofo In The Dreaded Smother Throne, Which Keeps His Head Firmly Locked In Place. Did You Ever Think You Were Going To Die While Being Smothered By My Ass? Taylor Asks. He Has No Escape. In Fact - He's Even Smiling! This Makes The Girls Even Angrier. He Is NOT Allowed To Breathe, Taylor Says, As He Gurgles And Spits And Gasps For Even A Morsel Of Air. Chelsea Considers This Behavior Disrespectful, So She Slaps His Face - Hard. After Another Session Of Ass-phixiation, They Remove Him From The Throne/prison, Make Him Sit Against The Wall, And His Nose Up Chelsea's Anal Area. Taylor, For Her Part, Subjects Him To Breast Suffocation Supreme. (Nobody Has Better Equipment For This Form Of Torment!) Then She Backs Up And Yells: Stick Your Face In My Ass! Taylor Lies On The Floor, Ass Up, As Chelsea Uses All Her Might To Grind His Nose Deep Between His Cheeks. Taylor Bares Her Breasts. Slays Him On The Floor Face Up, Then Alternates Between Titty Suffocation And By Hand Strangulation. The Girls Sandwich His Noggin Between Their Bodies And It Into Breastage And Ass Crevices. There's HOM (hand Over Mouth) Suffocation, Twat Asphyxiation, Sock-suffocation, Bare Foot Breath-play - And Did I Mention Lots Of Ass-work? Other Videos Have Had Butt-chokitude, But Nothing Like This: This Video Gives You Smash And Cram And Shove And Gasp Action To The MAX. Taylor Sits On His Head As He Lies Face Down In Order To His Head Further Into Chelsea's Rump. 00:07:51 1 month ago Txxx
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