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Emasculatrix Vaness Vixon Toys With Another Perverted Loser, Vanessa Vixon Is A Professional Emasculatrix And She Has Been Hired To Remove Lance Hart's Balls Because He Is A Chronic Masturbating Pervert. She Shows Up To His Apartment And Walks In On Him Jerking Off. This Ball Busting Hotty Loves Exploiting Men For Their Perversions, And She Loves Being The Last Woman To Ever Turn Them On Before She Removes Their Manhood. Vanessa Orders Him To Keep Stroking His Cock, No Matter What She Does, Then Kicks Him Hard In The Nuts, Dropping Him To The Ground. She Giggles, Grabs His Balls, Squeezes Hard And Tells Him To Keep Stroking. She Smothers His Face With Her Ass, Slaps And Squeezes His Balls, Drives Her Heel Into Them, And Does Not Let Him Stop Stroking, Until She Leaves Him On The Ground, Still Stroking His Cock In Agony. You Are Not Allowed To Cum, But You Have To Keep Yourself On Edge Until I Return! . Vanessa Returns To Lance, Now Wearing A Tight High Cut Leotard, Shiny Pantyhose And Heels. Lance Is Still Jerking Off Naked On The Floor. He Has Kept Himself On Edge, Like She Told Him, Because He Will Do Anything To Keep His Balls Just A Little Longer. But Vanessa Has A Job To Do. She Is There To Destroy His Balls In The Most Drawn Out And Painful Way Possible. She Loves It. Vanessa Teases Him, Giving Him Specific Instructions On How To Jerk His Cock While She Slaps And Squeezes His Balls, Sits On His Face, Teases Him With Her Body. She Slaps His Cock Hard, Talks Sweetly About The Different Ways She Might Destroy His Balls When The Time Comes, Then Leaves Him Again, Ordered To Stay On Edge With Extremely Full Balls. Vanessa Returns To Lance To Finish Her Job. She Has Been Keeping Him On Edge For A Long Time, Knowing That As Soon As She Finally Lets Him Cum, She Will Be Taking His Balls, And Taking Her Time With That As Well. She Told Lance To Keep Stroking His Cock While He Waited For Her. She Struts Up To Him In Her Shiny Leotard, Black Pantyhose, And High Heels. Vanessa Slaps And Squeezes His Balls While He Jerks Off To Her, Then Sits On His Face And Grabs His Throbbing Hard Cock With Both Hands, Talking About The Different Ways She Is Thinking About Taking His Balls After She Lets Him Release. She Gives Him A Mean Handjob, Makes Him Fuck Her Pantyhose Covered Legs, Giggling At How Abrasive It Must Be On His Raw Hard Cock, And When He's Is About To Cum, She Spreads Her Legs Wide And Teases Him. Finally She Tells Him To Cum And Milks Him Until He Explodes All Over Her Pantyhose. She Smiles And Starts To Drive Her High Heel Into One Of His Balls. Time For Castration! 00:07:51 7 months ago UPornia
More Lesbian Slave Training For Kimber Woods With Brooklyn Daniels & Mena Li, The Submissive And Obedient Sex Slave Kimber Woods Has Been Begging Us To End Up In The Dungeon Again. She Seems Addicted To Lesbian Domination, Threesomes If Possible. She Loves Being Slapped And Spanked, Gagged And Fucked Roughly, Deep And Hard Down Her Throat And Pussy. We Definitely Have Everything Kimber Wants. Brooklyn Daniels And Mena Li Heard About Her Desires And Took It Upon Themselves To Bring Their Kinky Latina Hottie Over. They Place Tight Leather Cuffs Around Her Wrists And Ankles, Attach Them To Chains Linked To The Floor. They Step Back, Revealing Kimber On Her Back, Arms Bound To Her Sides, Legs Kept Spread Eagle. Brooklyn And Mena Slap Her Pussy, Tits And Face Awake. They Want Her To Cum A Few Times Before They Double Penetrate Her With Their Dicks On Sticks. A Vibrator Usually Does The Trick. They Lube Her Cunt And Spread The Wand All Over Her Clit And Pussy Lips. Mena Hovers Over Kimber With Her Hung Strapon And Sticks It Deep Down Her Throat. She Can't Focus On Cumming And Giving Mena's Big Black Rubber Cock A Proper Deep Throat Blowjob. She Keeps Gagging Up Spit. Our Hot BDSM Mistresses Unchain Kimber, Slap On Some Pantyhose, Pull Out The Mattress And Use Chains To Wrap Her Arms Around Herself Like A Straitjacket. Brooklyn Lubes Up Her Cock, Rips The Nylon And Pushes The Dildo Deep Inside Kimber's Pussy. Kimber Tries To Get Away But Only Ends Up Taking Mena's Rubber Cock Further In Her Mouth. Kimber's Hot Body Spread Out Doggy Style, Double Penetration With Huge Strapon Dildos, Will Make Everyone Cum In Their Pants. They Flip Her Over And Keep Fucking Her Rough. They Flip Her Over Again And Keep The Rough Sex Going. Kimber Can Hardly Move, Slapped Into The Position They Want Her In. Seems This Sex Slave Does Need More Training. They Pull Her Off The Mattress And Take Turns Fucking Her Throat. Kimber Keeps Begging For More. What A Good Slut She Is! 00:07:52 1 week ago Txxx
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The Name Is Maitresse Dont Fuck It Up, 'I Want To Hear You Say You Want Pain. And Wipe That Pretty Little Smile Off That Fucking Face.' She'd Rather Slap It Off. Maitresse Madeline Is A Buzz Saw Hidden Under A Latex Dress, And Slapping The Shit Out Of This Little Smart Ass Is Just The First Two Minutes Of This Movie. Then, He Makes The Mistake Of Opening His Mouth. Calling Her Ma'am Is Like Poking A Hungry, Caged Tiger Through The Bars And Then Realizing That The Door Is Unlocked. Just To Teach Him What Her Name Is, She Lays A Set Of Cane Stripes On Him That He Will Likely Never Forget. And Once He Finally Gets It Right, She Only Beats Him Harder To Make Sure That He Will Never, EVER Forget It. 'You Thought You Were Going To Come Here And Show Off, That I Would Be Easy On You, Didn't You?' Sadistic Chuckles Betray Her Sheer Amusement Through The Ball Slapping, Squeezing, Pulling, Cock Twisting And General Mayhem She Unleashes Below His Waist. Then She Takes Out The Pliers And The Spiked Nerve Wheel. 'Why Are You So Fucking Greedy?' She Assures Him Of One Thing As She Reclines, Her Gorgeous Ass Luxuriously Enveloping His Face. 'You Need To Be Licking My Ass, Because That Is The Closest You Will Ever Get To Fucking My Hot Little Holes.' As Her Strap On Rips His Hungry Ashole Apart, Her Manicured Nails Tease And Dig At The Flesh Just Below The Tip Of His Hardened, Beaten Cock. When She Brings Him To The Edge Of Orgasm With A Hitachi Vibe On His Aching Prick Only To Turn And Walk Away, One Has To Wonder If She Had Been Contemplating Her Decision About Rico's Orgasm Before She Ever Stepped Foot In The Building. 00:04:00 8 months ago UPornia
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Hot Cougar Dani Dare Gets Fucked Hard In Bondage, We're Excited To Share We've Found Another Hot Kinky Cougar Who Definitely Deserves Disgrace For Being A Slut. Fetish Network Introduces Dani Dare. She's Traveled The World And Has Had Some Great Times But We're Sure Her Experience In Our Dungeon Will Top The Rest. She Seems Like A Natural Submissive And Obedient Sex Slave. She Loves Being Slapped And Spanked, Gagged And Fucked Roughly, Deep And Hard Down Her Throat And Pussy. We Definitely Have Everything Dani Wants. She Is Placed On The Leather Couch, Legs Chained Wide Apart, Hands Down And Out Of The Way. Her New BDSM Master Comes In And Slaps Her Pussy Awake. He Wants Her To Cum A Few Times Before He Penetrates Her. A Vibrator Usually Does The Trick. He Lubes Her Cunt And Spreads The Wand All Over Her Clit And Pussy Lips. After Awhile, He Climbs Up On The Sofa And Stuffs His Hung Cock Deep Down Her Throat, Making Her Give Him A Sloppy Blowjob. She Keeps Gagging Up Spit, Her Pussy Tightening Every Time. He Finally Sticks His Meat Inside Her Cunt And Pounds Away, Fucking Her Deep And Rough, The Sex She Prefers. We Here No Struggle Or Complaint From This Naught Cougar. She Takes His Dick Like A Champ. So She's Flipped Around, Her Arms, Shoulders And Head Over The Back Of The Couch, Her Ass Up And Ready For More Penetration. Dani's Hot Body Spread Out Doggy Style Will Make Everyone Cum In Their Pants. She Can Hardly Move As She Is Slapped Into The Position She's Wanted In And Taken How Her Master Pleases. Added: December 11, 2014 00:07:52 9 months ago UPornia
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MenOver30 Video: Brock And Roll, This Week We Welcome Back Mr.Brock Russell. It's Been A While Since We've Seen This Sexy, 38 Yr Old From Provincetown, MA. Fortunately He's In For A Treat Since We've Paired Him Up With Some Cajun Spice That's Oh So Nice, New Orlean's Own, Ari Gyspy. Ari Is 32 And Looking Better Than Ever. We Asked These Boys What Was The Highlight Of 2011 For Them. Having A Hot Three Way With An English Couple That Was Visiting P-Town Was Definitely Brock's Favorite. For Ari, 2011 Was The First Year He Ever Tried Anal And Admits It's Been Crazy! LOL Both Have Great Bodies So We Wondered What Their Weakness Is When It Comes To Cheating On Their Diets. Brock Loves Sweets Of All Kinds While Ari Loves Food In General. Ari Is Relatively New To The Man To Man Table And Admits Everyone Should Try It At Least A Couple Times To See Whether They Like It Or Not. Don't Knock It 'til You've Tried It. Brock Couldn't Agree More And Admits He Tried Fooling Around With A Girl At One Point But It Didn't Go As Well As Expected. Well, Fortunately These Two Are Going To Be Just Fine Once We Leave Them To Their Own Devices... Shall We?Brock Is Kickin' Back After A Long Drive To Miami And Catching Up With A Friend On The Phone When Ari Walks In. 'You Must Be Brock' Ari Smiles, 'I'm The Welcome Wagon.' Music To Brock's Ears Since He Could Use Help Releasing Some Tension. They Start To Make Out As Their Hands Start To Roam. Brock Undoes Ari's Pants As He Goes In To Check Out What's On The Menu. Ari Stands Up To Give Him Better Access As Brock Starts To Suck On His Cock. Brock Slurps On That Hard Cock As He Takes It All The Way Down His Throat. Brock's Hot Mouth Is Working Magic On Ari's Meat. Ari Then Wants To Sample What Brock Has To Offer As He Heads South To Do The Same. He Gets On His Knees And Goes For It. He Slides Brock's Cock Into His Mouth And Looks Up To Make Sure He's Doing Everything The Way Brock Likes It. Ari Opens Wide And Slowly Shoves Brock's Thick Meat As Far As He Can Without Making Him Gag. Brock Just Moans As He Looks South And Watches Ari Do His Thing. Ari Knows Exactly What To Do As He Deep Throats Brock's Cock Taking Every Inch Of It. Ari's Cock Is Rock Hard And He Knows His Hand Isn't Where It Needs To Be. He Checks Out Brock's Smooth Ass For A Few Before Suiting Up And Going For It.Ari Slides His Cock Deep As Brock Grunts Trying His Best To Accommodate The Intrusion. Ari Loves That Tight Ass Around His Dick And Fucks Him Even Harder. Brock Is Soon Bucking Back Onto That Meat Wanting Every Inch Of It. Ari Slaps That Ass A Bit Only To Be Told If He's Going To Slap That Ass He Better Slap-that-ass. Brock Loves That Dick Up Inside Him And He Can't Stop Begging For More Bayou Bone. Ari Then Sits Back As Brock Straddles Him And Starts To Ride Him In A Reverse Cowgirl. He Bounces On That Dick As Ari Sits Back And Watches As His Aching Dick Disappears Up Into Brock's Hot Hole. Ari Then Gets Brock On His Back On The Couch Before Getting Between His Muscular Legs. He Shoves His Dick Back Inside And Gives Him All He's Got. He Nails That Ass Deep And Hard And As He Fucks Brock Missionary They Both Get Closer And Closer To Climax. Brock Can't Hold It Back Any Longer As He Unloads His Huge Load All Over Himself. Ari Is Right Behind Him As He Pulls Outs And Jacks His Massive Pent Up Load, Soaking Brock's Cum Drenched Abs And Chest Over And Over Until He's Spent. 4 weeks ago Txxx
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Olive Lowe's Self Defense Class Turns Into A CBT Date, Sensei Derek Is Training One Of His Students From Home, The Sexy Yet Mean Olivia Lowe. She Told Him She Wants More Self Defense Training, But As It Turns Out, She Really Likes Him. When Olivia Really Likes A Guy, She Shows Him By Kicking Him In The Balls And Teasing Him. We All Know This Femdom CBT Vixen Loves Humiliating Guys. Olivia Takes Every Opportunity To Drop Derek With A Kick Or Knee. Once He's Laid Out On The Floor Completely, She Climbs On Top Of Him Seductively And Affectionately, But Doesn't Stop With The Ball Torment. She Leaves Him On The Floor Like That, Telling Him She'll Be Back In A Few Days. Doesn't Seem Like She Needs Self Defense Course But Olivia Is Back For Another Lesson, And This Time, She Wants To Learn More About Grappling. Derek Begins To Explain To Her That After The Last Lesson, It Took His Balls A Few Days To Heal, So He Asks Her Not To Hurt Him Like That Anymore. Let's See! Olivia Picks Up On The Grappling Techniques Surprisingly Fast, And Has Derek In A Few Compromising Positions. Before He Knows It, He's Powerless Again, Dominated By His Hot Student And She's Slapping, Punching, And Kicking Him In The Nuts And There's Nothing He Can Do About It. After More Crotch Beating, Olivia Straddles His Face With Her Sexy Ass That Looks Amazing In Tight Spandex And Tells Him That She Actually Likes Him And Wants Him To Take Her Out For Dinner. Not Having Much Choice In The Matter, Although She Does Strangely Turn Him On, He Agrees To Take Her On A Date. Derek Is Hurrying To Get Dressed For His Date. He's Nervous. After All The Ballbusting, He Doesn't Know What To Expect, But He Can't Help But Be Excited Because He Finds Her So Attractive. Olivia Shows Up Early And Tells Him Not To Worry About Dinner, She Has Something Else In Mind. She Takes His Pants Off, Gets His Cock Hard Through His Boxers And Then Gets Evil With Ball Slapping, Grabbing, Kneeing, A Little Kicking. The Whole Time She Makes Sure That She's Driving Him Crazy With Her Sexy Body, Particularly Her Amazing Ass. Seems Like A Match Made In Heaven! 00:07:51 8 months ago UPornia
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Lesbian Duo, Vanessa Vixon And Cory Chase, Castrate!, Vanessa Vixon Walks A Gagged Naked Man Into The Room Holding A String Tied Around His Balls. She Yanks Him Over To Her Lover, Cory Chase, And Explains That This Is Her Ex-boyfriend. He No Longer Needs His Balls. The Two Sexy Evil Ladies Are Very Turned On By The Idea Of Ending His Manhood Together. They Want To Drag The Process Out, So They Tease Him. They Want Him To Experience Blue Balls One Last Time. Vanessa Sits On His Face And Makes Him Breath In Her Pussy And Ass, Worship Her Ass Completely, Which He Will Never Have Again, While Cory Slaps His Balls And Makes Out With Her. Vanessa Even Lubes Up His Cock And Plays With It To Make Sure He Is Fully Hard. Every Time He Gets On The Edge Of Cumming, Vanessa Lets Go Of His Cock And Cory Slaps His Balls Harder. Lesbians Really Know About Ball Busting. Cory And Vanessa Get So Turned On, They Leave Him To Go Have Fun Together. They Will Be Back To Take His Balls. Then, Cory Chase And Vanessa Return To Their Victim After That Just Got Each Other Off In Another Room. No Handjobs Needed. They Left Him Tied Up By His Balls And Gagged To Hear Them. They Tell Him That They Want Him To Cum One Last Time Before They Cut His Balls Off. It's Up To Him To Keep His Balls, Well, As Long As He Can While Vanessa Strokes His Cock And Cory Chase Teases Him With Her Amazing Body, Pulling On The String Around His Balls The Whole Time. He Doesn't Last Long And Cums All Over Her Pantyhose Covered Ass While She Is Teasing Him. So She Makes Him Lick It Up, Then Walks Him Off To Be Castrated By His Leash. 00:07:51 9 months ago UPornia
AmateurSmothering Video: A Face Full Of Ass, Chelsea And Taylor St Clair Look Absolutely Smashing In Their Black Evening Gowns. They Are Late For A Benefit Dinner - And Tickets Cost A Cool Grand Apiece. Unfortunately, Their Chauffeur Shows Up Two Full Hours After The Show Started! So They Lock The Mofo In The Dreaded Smother Throne, Which Keeps His Head Firmly Locked In Place. Did You Ever Think You Were Going To Die While Being Smothered By My Ass? Taylor Asks. He Has No Escape. In Fact - He's Even Smiling! This Makes The Girls Even Angrier. He Is NOT Allowed To Breathe, Taylor Says, As He Gurgles And Spits And Gasps For Even A Morsel Of Air. Chelsea Considers This Behavior Disrespectful, So She Slaps His Face - Hard. After Another Session Of Ass-phixiation, They Remove Him From The Throne/prison, Make Him Sit Against The Wall, And His Nose Up Chelsea's Anal Area. Taylor, For Her Part, Subjects Him To Breast Suffocation Supreme. (Nobody Has Better Equipment For This Form Of Torment!) Then She Backs Up And Yells: Stick Your Face In My Ass! Taylor Lies On The Floor, Ass Up, As Chelsea Uses All Her Might To Grind His Nose Deep Between His Cheeks. Taylor Bares Her Breasts. Slays Him On The Floor Face Up, Then Alternates Between Titty Suffocation And By Hand Strangulation. The Girls Sandwich His Noggin Between Their Bodies And It Into Breastage And Ass Crevices. There's HOM (hand Over Mouth) Suffocation, Twat Asphyxiation, Sock-suffocation, Bare Foot Breath-play - And Did I Mention Lots Of Ass-work? Other Videos Have Had Butt-chokitude, But Nothing Like This: This Video Gives You Smash And Cram And Shove And Gasp Action To The MAX. Taylor Sits On His Head As He Lies Face Down In Order To His Head Further Into Chelsea's Rump. 00:07:51 1 week ago Txxx
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Pain Sub Slut Alessa Snow Endures Lesbian Domination With Kimber Woods & Isa Mendez, Alessa Snow, Hot And Curvy Sub Slut Nerd, Wants To Explore Her BDSM And Bondage Curiosity. And She Happens To Find Her Other Women Sexy And Fun To Play With. Get Ready For The Perfect Lesbian Domination Threesome Video To Freshen Any Porn Collection. Sex Slaves Turned Mistresses Kimber Woods And Isa Mendez Take Care Of This Kinky Cutie, Drop Her Onto The Bed They Set Up, Wrists Cuffed Behind Her Back. Her Back Is To Remain Arched So Her Ass Can Pop Up Beautifully For Strapon Dildos Our Mistresses Never Leave At Home. If She Fails, She'll Definitely Get A Hard Spanking, Cropping And Plenty Hits Of The Electro Wand. Kimber And Isa Take Turns Using Alessa's Pussy And Mouth, Double Penetration Majority Of Her Time On The Mattress. They Don't Stop Taunting Her, Making Her Apologize For Being Such A Whore, Slap Her Face And Tits, Yank On Her Nipples, Crop And Smack Her Ass More, Fuck Her Rough, Make Her Gag Up Spit Which Only Allows The Rubber Dicks To Slide Down Her Throat Easier. Hearing Alessa Gag And Screaming She's A Dirty Slut Will Make Anyone Cum In Their Pants. Kimber Is So Turned On, Makes Out With Her Poor Sex Slave, Slapping Alessa's Face Between Spit Swapping And Swallowing. They Want Alessa To Cum A Few More Times No Matter What It Takes. The Pain Play, Deepthroat Skull Fucking And Rough Sex Seem To Be Working Just Fine. We're Sure We'll Be Seeing More Of This Trio. 00:07:51 8 months ago UPornia
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Brooklyn Daniels Is Up For Slave Training With Mila Blaze & Lexy Villa, Brooklyn Daniels Is A Great BDSM Mistress, A Fan Favorite For All Of Our Lesbian Domination Threesomes. Yet, She's Tied Up In The Dungeon, Her Long Skirt Still On. Seems Like She's In Trouble With Our Other Mistresses. Who Says A Dominant Can Be Turned Into A Sex Slave For Slut Training? At Fetish Network, Fuck The Rules. Brooklyn Needs To Learn Her Lesson. Mila Blaze And Lexy Villa Enter And Shake Her Up. They Spin Her Into The Doggy Position And Tear Open Her Panties, Revealing Her Sweet Pussy And Tight Asshole. Everyone Now Gets To See What's Underneath Her Uniform. They Shove A Few Fingers Inside Her And Fiddle With Her G-spot. They Want To See Her Squirt Since She Makes Other Sex Slaves Shoot Pussy Juice All Over Themselves. Lexy Loves To Water Board Her Whores With A Big Jug Of Water, Drenching Brooklyn Throughout. Now Daniels Will Know How It Feels To Be Deep Throat-ed And Fucked Deep And Rough With Big Black Strapon Dildos. Mila And Lexy Give It To Her The Way She Gives It To Others. Mila Shoves Her Rubber Dick Down Brooklyn's Pussy As Lexy Taunts And Splashes Water On The Face, Skull Fucking Her In Between. They Want To Bind Her In A Bent Over Position, Shackling Her Wrists To Posts. Perfect! They Can Double Penetrate Her Better. There's So Much Water And Spit Dripping From Brooklyn's Face. She's Slapped And Spanked, Zapped With An Electro Wand, Taking More Rubber Cock In Her Mouth And Pussy. The Dicks On A Stick Are Pulled Out And Ready For Action, Stuffing Daniels More. We're Not Sure She Was Prepared For This Caliber Of Hardcore Bondage Sex. They Leave Her Apologizing For Being A Dirty Slut. 00:07:51 1 week ago Txxx
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Anal Hook Double Penetration BDSM Fun With Isa Mendez, Mila Blaze & Ava Kelly, Isa Mendez, One Our Favorite Strapon Squad Sex Slaves, Is No Stranger To The Fetish Network Dungeon. She's Been Used, Wrecked, Tormented, Fucked A Few Times, Our Inventory Of Sex Toys And Goodies All Used On Her. Every Time She Returns, We Need To Challenge Her And Intensify Her Training Sessions. Let's See If Isa Can Endure Another Lesbian Domination Threesome. Mila Blaze Knows Isa Well, Gaping Her Pussy On A Few Occasions During Hardcore Bondage Scenes. She's Brought Along Newbie Ava Kelly (one Hungry Deep Throat Cock Sucker). They Turn Her Into A Kinky Pet, An Anal Hook Leash Connected To Her Collar, Fit Snug Into Asshole. It's Time For Some BDSM Fun. They Push Her Onto The Bed And Spread Her Legs Apart. They Wake It Up With A Vibrator, Making Her Moan And Flinch. She Begs To Cum But Is Denied. Let's See How Well She Can Hold Her Nut With Ava's Huge Strapon Dildo Up Her Cunt And Her Anal Hook Dangling Around. Mila Loves Rough Sex, Pulling Isa Onto Her Rubber Black Cock Deep And Hard. Ava Shoves Her Strapon Deep Down Isa's Throat, Making Her Gag And Scream For Mercy. They Make Her Apologize For Being A Dirty Slut, Continuing The Double Penetration, Slapping Her Tits And Spanking Her Ass. Her Ass Is Almost As Red As Her Lips Tattoo. They Pull Her Around On The Bed, Flip Her Back And Forth On Her Back And Stomach, Legs Pulled Down By Her Head. The Mistresses Enjoy Wrecking Her Holes. They Even Brought A Dick On A Stick, A Dildo Attached To A Handle For Jack Hammer Pussy Stretching. Isa Is Such A Great Sex Slave, Giving Her Masters Whatever They Want, Enjoying Every Minute Of It. 00:07:52 1 week ago Txxx
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Brooklyn Daniels & Mila Blaze Love Rope Bondage With Cougar Becca Diamond, Fetish Network Loves Becca Diamond! This Hot Muscle MILF Has Given Us Great Hardcore BDSM And Rope Bondage Content. We Do Think She's Met Her Match: Sexy, Cool Yet Mean Mistresses Brooklyn Daniels And Mila Blaze. The Last Time We Saw This Lesbian Domination Threesome, Becca Diamond Was Left Tied To Horizontal Posts After A Brutal Double Penetration Sex Slave Training Session. There Was Plenty Of Slobber, Tit Slapping, Hair Pulling And Spanking. Of Course The Duo Also Had Their Big Black Strapon Dildos With Them. Guess What. Becca Diamond Is Still Here. They Never Let Her Go. She's Been Tied To A Crate With More Rope, Clit Pump Sealed On. We Love Making Her Fat Clit Bigger And Too Sensitive To Touch. It's Too Bad Her Mistresses Want To Do More Than Just Touch. Our Diamond Needs More Training. Polish, Some Might Say. That's What She Does For The Big Black Rubber Dicks Stuffed Deep Down Her Throat, Down To Her Lungs, Fucked Rough Past Her Tingling Clit Into Her Pussy. Mila And Brooklyn Hold Nothing Back For The Muscle Queen. They Untie And Flip Her Around. Becca Wants To Fight Back, But She's So Tired And Weak. The Orgasms Keep Her In Place For Her Mistresses Use And Desires. Becca Even Answers To Slut, Whore And Dirty Bitch, Reciting It When Told. She's So Obedient. No Reason The Dicks On A Stick Shouldn't Join The Fun. The Duo Pull Diamond Onto The Mattress, Rope Binding Her Wrists And Breasts. Mila And Brooklyn Have Fun Pushing Becca Around, One Holding Her Legs Spread Eagle So The Other Can Pound A Dildo, Whether It Be A Strapon Or On A Stick, Black Or White, Four Fingers And More, She Takes It All. This Cougar Sub Slut Can Hardly Move, Enduring Everything To Please Her Masters. 00:07:52 2 days ago Txxx
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ExtraBigDicks Video: School Of Hard Cox, Chad Davis Is Back On ExtraBigDicks This Week And He’s Just In Time To Welcome Back A Recent New Find To The Fold. For Those Of You Unfamiliar With Chad, Chad Comes To Us From The West Coast Of The Sunshine State And This 21 Year Old, Hung Hottie Packing 8 Thick Inches Of Sunshine Never Fails To Deliver. Our Hung Newbie Making His Second Appearance Is Chris Cox. It’s Definitely An Appropriate Name Since He’s Packing 9 Thick Inches Below The Belt. We’re Sure This Dark Haired Cubanito Of 25 Years Will Fit In Just Fine. We Wondered If They Like Their Men Smooth Or Hairy. Chad Loves Twinky Boys So He Loves Them Smooth While Chris Likes Them In Between. We Then Asked If There Was Anything They Would Change About Their Dicks. Chris Wouldn’t Change A Thing. Who Could Blame Him? Chad Has A Minor Flaw On His He Could Live Without But We’re Sure A Bunch Of Size Queens Would Hardly Notice That Blemish On Such A Hot Cock. You KNOW Who You Are! Well Enough Talking About Cock And Lets Get This Party Started… The Hands Are Doing The Talking As These Two Start Things Before We Do. They Start Slowly Making Out As Their Cocks Begin To Struggle To Get Out. They Won’t Need To Wait For Long As They Stand And Start To Undo Each Other’s Pants. Their Pants Hit The Floor In Unison And The Underwear Come Off Just As Fast. They Each Grab The Other’s Joystick Wanting To Play With Their New Toys. They Are Both Hard As They Tug And Stroke On Each Other’s Meat. They Playfully Sword Fight With Their Throbbing Swords For A Bit Before Chad Goes Down For A Better Look. He Opens As Wide As He Can As He Starts To Suck On Chris’ Cuban Cock. Chris Wastes Little Time Before Fucking His Face. Chad’s Cock Is Rock Hard As He Jacks It While Servicing Chris’ Meat. Chris Then Gets Chad To Lie Back So That He Can Return The Favor Finally Giving His Meat Some Much Needed Attention. Chad Gasps As He Watches His Dick Get Worshipped By His New Hung Buddy. “Open That Mouth Wider”, Chad Orders As He Gets His Knob Polished. Chris’ Mouth Feels Gr8; But Chad’s Cock Will Need More Than A Warm Mouth To Do The Trick.They Sit Back Side By Side And Stroke Each Others Cocks Til Chad’s Cock Is Rock Hard. Chris Gets Into Position As Chad Lies Behind Him And Slides His Thick Dick Home. Chris Takes It Like A Champ As Chad Starts To Nail His Ass. Chad’s Smooth Balls Are Soon Slapping Away That Ass As Chris Takes A Pounding. Chris’ Cock Is Rock Hard As He Gets That Ass Fucked. He Bounces Him On That Thick Dick With Ease. They Switch It Up As Chad Sits Back And Has Chris Take More Of His Cock In A Reverse Cowgirl Position. Chris’ Cock Bounces Like A Trampoline As He Rides That Thick Cock. When He Does Stop Bouncing On Chad’s Dick; Chad Picks Up The Slack Slamming His Club Up Into His Hole. They Are Working Each Other Into A Frenzy As They Maneuver Into Missionary. Chad Buries His Dick Deeper And Deeper As He Takes That Hole. That Does The Trick As Chad’s Cock Trips Chris’ GO Button Getting Him Dangerously Near Climax. “Let Me See Your Load!” Chad Grunts As He Fucks Him Deeper. Chris Can’t Help But Nut All Over Himself. Chad Then Pulls Out And Explodes Drenching Chris With His Thick Nut. Whew. 3 weeks ago Txxx
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The Training Of Dana DeArmond, Day One, Applicant Profile Age:28 Sign:Gemini Disposition: Super Star Fears / Current Limits: Authority. Strengths: Experienced Fuck, Good BDSM Bottom Weaknesses: Wrapped Up In Status And 'stardom'. Good Bottom But Has No Experience With Submission. Experience: Lot's Of Adult Experience, Has Shot With Most Kink Sites. Current Status: To Be Trained To Submit To Her Boyfriend, Daniel. Recommendations: Immediately Take Away Her Name, Dignity And Status. Strip Her Naked And Refer To Her As A Number Only For The Remainder Of The Week. Tie Her Into A Tight Squat Position, Gag Her Slut Mouth And Instruct Her To Start Sweeping The Filthy Dungeon Floor. Discuss Her As Though She Were Not There With Daniel To Ascertain How He Would Like Her Training To Proceed. Make Her A Deal - She Can Wear The Gag All Week Or Speak Properly Right From The Start And Use Yes Sir, No Sir, Thank You Sir. Inspect And Observe Her As She Is Whipped, Fingered, Probed, Pinched And Slapped, And Note Her Reactions For Future Use. Tie Her Down And Teach Her The Value Of Gratitude And Asking Permission To Orgasm By Getting Multiple Orgasms Out Her Her Greedy Cunt Till She Is Exhausted And Begging For Mercy. Pound Her Cunt With Hard Cock, Then Put Her On Her Knees Where She Belongs To Put Her Slut Mouth To Some Use Other Than Talking About Herself. Today's Very Simple Lessons Are To Teach This Slut To Say Please And Thank You, A Remarkable Formidable Task Inspite Of Her Age. 00:04:00 4 months ago HDZog
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Nikki Bell Endures Extreme Fucking Machine Rope Bondage, Nikki Bell, One Of Our Favorite Sex Slaves, Has Returned By Request From Her BDSM Master. She Needs More Slut Training. We're Sure Everyone Agrees. So Nikki Bell Is Started On The Sybian Fucking Machine, Tied Down With Tight Rope. Nikki Bell Thought Simple Chains And Cuffs Were Difficult. Rope Bondage Definitely Kicks Things Up. She Struggles And Tries To Get Off The Vibration Chair But She Isn't Going Anywhere. The Two Clothespins On Her Nipples Has Her Screaming Already. She Has No Choice But To Sit And Endure What's Coming Her Way. The Vibration Begins And Her Master's Dick Slides Deep Down Her Throat. That's How He Likes His Blowjobs. He Loves Fucking A Slave's Skull In. The Vibration And Speed Is Turned Up And Down, Tormenting Nikki's Clit. She Is Slapped On Her Face And Tits And Her Masters Wants To Hear Her Say What A Slut She Is And To Beg For His Hung Meat. It Takes A Few Slaps And More Throat Pounding To Get It Out Of Her. He Decides To Elevate This Bondage Scene With The Fucking Machine. But He Wants Full Access To Her Tight Pink Pussy. So He Placed The Fucking Machine On The Wall, The Rubber Dick In And Out Of Nikki's Mouth As He Fucks Her Pussy Rough And Hard. Nikki Can't Focus On Either Dick Plunging Into Her. Technically This Scene Does Contain Double Penetration. Her Master Gets Jealous And Wants His Dick Sucked More. He Pulls Her Head Away From The Machine And Makes Her Gag On His Cock. He Finishes The Scene With More Clothespins, Letting The Machine Have Fun With Her Mouth Some More. Added: January 15, 2015 00:07:52 9 months ago UPornia
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Another Pair Of Balls To Own, Vanessa Vixon Has A New Set Of Balls To Torment. Billy Thinks He's Just There For A Little Ball Busting Session. What He Doesn't Know Is That She's Actually Going To Keep His Balls When They're Done. He's Pretty Confident At First, But Vanessa Kicks And Knees Really Hard For Such A Small Thing. She Slowly Breaks Him In, Asking Him If He's Okay (as If It Matters) In Between Kicks And Knees. She Looks Really Sexy In Leggings And A Tight Tank Top, Which Helps, But Being Turned On Won't Save His Balls. He Even Gets Confident Enough To Egg Her On To Go Harder At First, But He Soon Learns That She's Pretty Serious. After A Long Time Of Hard Kicks, Knees, Squeezes And Slaps (with A Little Sensual Teasing Foot Job Action Mixed In) Vanessa Leaves Him Tied Up To The Wall With His Pants Around His Ankles. She'll Be Back For His Balls Soon. When She Returns, She Lets Him Know That She's Actually Planning On Castrating Him And Keeping His Balls. Vanessa Is Wearing Fishnets, High Heels, A Bra And Panties, And She Looks Amazing. Her Boobs Are About To Pop Out Of Her Bra. She Teases Billy With Her Body While She Talks About How She Wants To Cut His Balls Off. Then She Starts With More Torment. She Gets On Her Back And Plays With His Cock And Balls With Her High Heels. Then She Kicks Off Her Shoes, Stands Up, And Whales On His Balls With Some Hard Kicks. She Leaves Him Again To Think About Losing His Balls. On Her Return She'll Be Taking Them. Now Vanessa Is Wearing A Sexy Tight Teddy, Shiny Pantyhose And High Heels. She's Come Back For Billy's Balls, And There's Nothing He Can Do About It. She Is Kind Of Nice, And Is Going To Jerk Him Off One Last Time. She Really Gets Turned On By The Idea Of Taking A Man's Last Orgasm. 00:07:42 8 months ago UPornia
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