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Testing Chloe, The Training Of Beautiful Submissive Sluts Benefits From Variety. As You Are Aware From Watching These Movies, Kinky Mindfucks And Psychological Domination Need Experimentation And Fresh Insights To Stay Hot And Interesting. To These Ends TTOO Is Experimenting With Expanding Its Format To Get More Hot Bitches In Here To Fuck With (and To Fuck). Case In Point: Testing Chloe. The Little Slut Is Getting Lots Of Attention Lately And We Thought It Was Time To See What Is Under The Hood. Chloe Is Interviewed And Handed The Bucket Of Pain, An Innocuous Tin Pail. Harmless, Really. But Intent Counts For So Much, And This Little Tramp Is Soon Reduced To Tears Without Our Hardly Lifting A Finger. Any Doubts About Our Commitment To The Cause Still Lingering In Chloe's Pretty Head Vanish When She Is Mounted On A Post With Her Cunt Peeled Open And Her Creamy White Thighs Made Available To Our Talents. She Is Terrorized With The Cattle Prod, And Eventually Gets Her Slutty Pussy Stuffed, Slapped And Reamed, Reducing Her Faculties To Uncontrollable Repeated Orgasmic Spasms. Seven Takes Her Pleasure Smothering The Would-be Slave Girl's Face With Her Fine Round Ass. The More Voltage We Send To Chloe's Twitching Wet Cunt, The Further She Shoves Her Slutty Tongue Up Seven's Asshole. Chloe Is Completely Trashed By The End Of Her Trials. We Thought Orgasms Would Be A Good Reward For The Little Slut, But I Guess It Is Possible To Have Too Much Of A Good Thing. 00:04:00 3 months ago HDZog
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Curious Euro Slut Nikki Bell Has Earned Slave Training, We've Come Across A Young Hot Euro Babe Obsessed With The Mirror And Watching Herself Get Fucked. If There's A Camera Nearby, Her Instinct Is To Start Posing And Remove Her Clothes, Hoping There's A Dick Nearby. She's Also Curious And Wants To Try Everything At Least Once In The Porn Industry. We Have The Perfect Challenge With Our Taste Of Bondage Slave Training. Sexual Disgrace Presents Nikki Bell. Nikki Ends Up On Top Of The Sybian Fucking Machine, Chained Down By Her Collared Neck, Wrists Cuffed Behind Her. Her New BDSM Master Enters The Dungeon And Flips On The Sybian While Introducing Her To Hung Cock, Excavating Deep Down Her Throat, Practically Fucking Her Skull. Nikki Wasn't Expecting Such A Huge Dick For Her Domination. She Should Have Known Better. Her Master Raises The Vibration And Wraps His Hands Around His Neck, Choking Moans Out Of Her, Making Her Apologize For Being A Slut While Gagging On His Cock. The Breath Play Seems To Be A Turn On For Nikki, Making Her Cum On The Flesh Pad. Her Pussy Gets Creamy From The Torment. He Raises The Sybian Higher, Slaps Her Face And Tits, Bobbing Her Head On His Meat, Pushing Her Down Onto The Sybian, Clit Pulsed With Intense Vibrations. After Multiple Orgasms Soaked In Her Own Spit, Nikki Is Stood Up And Kept In Place With A Strap Around Her Waist And Wrists Cuffed To The Same Chain. Her Master Bends Her Over And Ass Up. He Inspects His Sex Slave's Pussy And Asshole, Pleased To See Pretty Pink. Nikki Has No Choice But To Be An Obedient Sex Slave, Following Every Order, Taking Every Inch Of Cock, Rough And Deep Penetration Sex, Pounding Her Pussy In, Begging For Forgiveness For Being A Dirty Whore While Making Her Give Him More Blowjobs. Nikki Is Struggling Through Her Disgrace. The Only Way To See If She Survives Is To Press Play! Added: November 20, 2014 00:07:52 7 months ago UPornia
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Tara Lynn Foxx Is INSATIABLE, This Hot Honey Pot Fox Comes On Set With All The Experience A Pro Porn Star Has. She Knows How To Suck, Fuck, Take It Like A Champ, And Give All Her Service With A Smile. That Is All Nice And Good, But We Want To See This Bitch Put On Edge, That Smile Off Her Face, And Orgasms That Blow Her Little Brain Out... So Lets Play.Tara Is Quite A Tough Cunt. We Start Of With Caning One Of The Most Sensitive Regions On A Woman - Her Pussy. Tara At First Takes It, Breathes Through The Pain, And Tries To Maintain Her Composure. The Situation Quickly Decomposes However Into A Moist Eyed, Heavy Breathing, Trying To Escape From The Pain Hot Cunt. They Seem So Much Sexier When They Try And Shy Away From Something That Is Inescapable And Brutal. With All The Squirming, She Does Not Seem To Need The Bench Anymore, So Its Taken Away And She Is Fully Suspended In An Intense Back Arch. My Hand Easily Fits Into Her Cunt And In The Beginning She Is Immediately Fisted, Suspended, And Vibrated Into Very Intense Orgasms. Game On, Tara.Second, Our Blonde Beauty Is Bound In An Upright Chair Position Against A Beam. Her Breasts Are Cruelly Secured With Twine And Her Hair Pulled Up, So She Can't Move Away From The Activities In Store For Her. Tara Has A Big Mouth And Can Suck Cock Like A Champ, But I'd Like To Push It. Watch The Drool And Terror Wash Across Her Face From Cock Choking Breath Play Rush Tara With Anxiety From Lack Of Air. Face Punching, Slapping, Orgasm Control... The Amount Of Orgasms She Has Are Intense And Profuse. Unable To Close Her Legs, The Blonde Whore Has No Choice But To Submit To The Experience.Finally, Tara Is On Her Back, Like All Good Whores Should Be. She Gets A Nice Thick Slippery Anal Plug In Her Ass That Gets Secured With A Crotch Rope. Her Ass And Clit Are Pretty Unhappy. Add Nipple Clamps, And A Vibrator, And She Doesn't Know Whether She Is Feeling Pain Or Pleasure. The Intense Orgasms She Is Made To Release Tell The True Story Of Whats Going On. The Crotch/anal Predicament Is Released And Her Holes Are Up For Grabs. Pummeling Her, Squeezing Every Bit Of Cum From Her Body, We End The Day With A Thoroughly Used Whore Will All Holes Wet And Dripping. 00:04:00 3 months ago HDZog
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The Training Of Raina Verene, Day Three, Trainer's Report Mid-Term Slave Review Subject Id: #208 Session Id: #5360 Pain Management 101 Subject Shows A Talent. Recommend Focus In This Area To Explore Deeper Masochism. Strategies To Date Incorporate The Assumption That Pain Is Energy And Can Be Identified And Manipulated Through Conscious Controls: Identify Rhythm In The Strikes Synchronize Breathing Patterns Tot His Rhythm Use Breathing To Capture The Pain Apply Visualization And Concentration To 'own The Pain' Control And Steer The Flow Of Energy Self Expression Narrative Visualization Techniques Are Applied In An Attempt To Break The Cycle Of Repressed Verbal Behaviors, Esp. Sexual. The Addition Of A Blindfold Increases Positive Response. Stimulus, Electricity And Verbal Guidance Further Contribute To Develoment. Voice Controls Diction And Grammar Are Good, Making The Subject A Good Candidate For Speech And Voice Training. Think Before You Speak Pause For A Beat: Mid Term Assessments Self Social Identity (how She Sees Herself In This World): Service Slut Girl - What Percentage Of The Time Is She Like This? Feels She Needs More Patience Attracted To - Knowledge, Confidence, Strictness, Kindness Depth - Claims To Not Have Been Past Anger In BDSM Difficult Letting Go To Express Herself Results In Sometimes Rigid Uninspired Attempts At Erotic Vocalizations. Conduct Is Excellent, Shows Enthusiasm And Determination To Learn. Excellent Candidate For Deep, Full Use. D3 Training Strategies Formative Assessments The Most Important Single Factor Influencing Learning Is What The Learner Already Knows. Ascertain This And Teach Accordingly. Pain 202, Clinical To Ritual Review Previous Lessons And Confirm Most Useful Techniques: The Cup Of Pain Steering Pain Energy To Body Parts Instructional Component Corporal Implements With Guided Instruction In Technique Focus On Breathing - The Gatherer Of Pain Visualization As Heat, Light And Color Applied: Generalization, Superficializing, Radiation Application: Princess Donna Applies Unrelenting Sadistic Stimulus Heavy Single Tail Whip Cat O Nine Tails Repeated Cattle Prod Hard Pussy Slapping Evaluation: Subject Maintains Composure And Displays A Talent For Learning And A Presence Of Mind That Appears To Keep Her 'in The Scene' Mentally. Occasional Lapses In Response Time And Breaks In Form Exist. Recommend Allowing It Due To Cognitive Load. Rating: 4/5 Note: She Is Sustaining Heavy Marking And Showing Signs Of Fatigue. Reinforcement Apply Positive Reinforcers, Clit Vibration Put Her Slut Mouth To Work On Servicing Donna's Pussy To Orgasm Homework Freud's Theory Of Ego, Id And Super-ego 00:04:00 4 months ago HDZog
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The Training Of A Party Girl, Day One, I First Impressions She Looks Hot In That Little Dress. Tits Press Hard Against The Fabric, Straining For Release. Her Ass Jiggles In Tight Sheer Panties Underneath. Combined With That Slutty, Submissive Gaze My Dick Hardens Just Looking At Her. This Is The New Trainee, Audrey Hollander. She Has Been Taking It In The Ass And Deep Thoating Cock On Porn Sets For 8 Years, But Her Knowledge Of Our World Is Limited. She Is Skittish, Used To Getting Slapped Around By Heavy Handed Porn Dudes For The Fuck Of It. It Is Safe To Say We Need To Build A Little Trust If This Is Going To Work. II The Interview I Decide To Start Slowly With This One. First Things First, I Tie Up Those Round, Full Tits And Cut Her Out Of That Slutty Little Dress. A Flogger Gets Me The Information I Need To Begin Building A Training Plan. She Is Eager To Please But Unsure Of How Much Latitude To Give Me. So I Show Her I Can Play Nice. III Slutty Asshole One Thing I Am Sure Of Is That She Likes It In The Ass The Best. Bend Her Over A Bench With Her Legs Spread Wide, And Tie Her Tightly Into Place. Her Sluttle Asshole Is Pulled Open By The Coarse Hemp Rope, And Her Hips Are Immoble. I Find The Largest Rubber Dick In The Cart And Begin To Fuck Her Ass With It To Illustrate Just How Much She Likes It. IV Nipple Training Her Nipples Are Super Sensitive And She Thinks That Is A Weakness. She Protects Them. As A Dominant, The Best Way To Get What You Want From A Submissive Is To Show It Is In The Submissive's Best Interest To Let You Do What You Want. And I Want Those Tits And Nipples. So I Make A Pitch To Train Her To Orgasm From Nipple Stimulation. Open, Says Me. 00:04:00 1 month ago HDZog
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